18.30 Gather at Farnham Town Football Club

18.45 Pre run Briefing
19.00 Set off

This is the main weekly running session for the club and where all new members must join us initially.

Multiple runs available for all members. Typically 8 groups with distances ranging from 3-10 miles and pace from 14 minute mile down to sub 7 minute.

Our weekly Wednesday runs are divided into different coloured groups categorised by run length and pace. For a list of these groups please click HERE.

Where there is demand from our members we will also be including low impact sessions such as a recovery/walking group and 'Plogging', an activity invented in Sweden which combines jogging and the collection of litter to help keep Farnham looking beautiful!

With access to the Farnham Town Football Club clubhouse there is also a social element to Wednesday nights with the bar open to members for a well earned drink after returning from your run.

In addition, on Wednesday evenings it is possible to book an appointment for a sports massage in the clubhouse before or after your run.


Timing and locations vary

Sunday runs are all about a less structured social and relaxed atmosphere. These runs may commence in different locations each week that are local to Farnham such as Frensham Ponds, Caesar’s Camp, Hog’s Back, Devil’s Punch Bowl and combine a well earned coffee (or beer) and cake at a suitable meeting point after the run has been completed.

Those who prefer longer distances or are in training for marathons may wish to use these sessions for their weekly ‘long run’. 

Others may just want a leisurely 5K or 10K taking in some of Surrey’s stunning scenery to make the most of the weekend and catch up with friends.


Timings and Locations TBC

FTRC is committed to helping our runners who wish to improve their times, their endurance and their fitness in the most supportive and effective method possible.

We will introduce a range of additional sessions in the coming months.


Our quarterly time trial session is our member’s opportunity to discover how they are improving as a runner. 

It is not a race against each other, it is a race against yourself and your previous TT time. 

There is no winner or loser, just a simple comparison of how you fared against your best performance and small prizes to celebrate those who have improved the most. Hold nothing back and leave it all on the course for our 1.5 Mile circuit!

All members are invited to gather for a social evening afterwards back at the clubhouse.

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